Workshops will be held twice a day, so no need to rush! Each workshop is $10

10:45am & 4pm – Rose Petal Infused Ice Cream Making...and other rose confections. Camilla Barry has been cooking with flowers that grow in her own garden for years. Fragrant edible roses are one of her favorites. Rooted cuttings may be available to start in your own garden, workshop will take place at the Rumsey House.

11:30 & 2 pm – Full Belly Floral Workshop – May is the perfect showcase for Full Belly Farm's beautiful flowers. During this workshop, you will learn about the cut flower growing system at Full Belly (including a short field walk) and Hannah Muller (Full Belly Farm's very own florist!) will demonstrate how to use the flowers in a unique bouquet. At the end of the demonstration, the bouquet will be raffled off. There will be an all day "pick your own bouquet" as well.  To find out more about Full Belly Floral, visit their website

 11am & 3pm Flower Crown or Corsage Making Workshop– Try your hand at making a Mother’s Day corsage or flower crown! Using the flowers from the Garden at Good Humus, mother and daughter team Alison and Annie will guide you through this simple process. There will also be a additional workshop at 11:45am to propagate your own plants from Annie's garden. To find out more about The Garden at Good Humus, visit their website.